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Exploring the Latest High-Speed Internet Plans from Brilliant Minds: a Comprehensive Guide

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Ever feel like choosing the right internet plan is way harder than it needs to be? Are you also searching for high-speed internet plans in Toronto?

Well, you are not alone!!  But no worries….Brilliant  Minds is the best internet services provider in Toronto. You will feel that it’s just made for you. Whether it’s a kitty party, match, or just becoming crazy with friends online, we all need that sweet spot of speed and reliability without breaking the vibe. 

This blog speaks about some of the best internet plans that you should consider if are looking for constant entertainment.

What is high-speed internet?

High-speed internet is as clear as it sounds: super-fast Wi-Fi. Nowadays, internet speed is more important than ever before. Several statistics have been claimed that people usually spend 12 hours per day online. Even post-COVID, many people still work from home, and the number is thriving steadily. In a nutshell, everyone needs high-speed internet services to accomplish their daily jobs. But do you know what high-speed internet is?

Generally, high-speed internet is defined as anything higher than 25 Mbps. Here, we must clear that high-speed internet means your device loads the information faster to your commands. An internet speed of 100 to 200 Mbps and above is indeed good, especially for gamers and streaming videos.

A reliable internet connection is necessary when you stream a movie or a song or need to do work/learn from home. Here is Brilliant Minds, one of the leading internet service providers in Toronto that complements all your online work.

In most places, the fastest internet speeds are around 1 gigabit per second, equal to 1,000 megabits per second. In some, you may find speeds twice that fast or be limited to slower. While you’ll pay more for high-speed internet, you probably won’t wait for it to load due to your internet connection. 

At Brilliant Minds, we provide plenty of home internet plans to make your life easy. If you have multiple people or devices using your home’s internet, considering high-speed internet plans is a good idea.

Remember, whether you use 400 Mbps or 900 Mbps, people in a typical home setting won’t notice a change. Once you find above 200 to 300 Mbps, your Wi-Fi should be fast enough for every device in your house. However, you will likely observe a change when you go from using 50 Mbps to 200 Mbps.

The company also offers high speed business internet plans for offices that want to upscale their operations and productivity. 

Maximizing Your Internet Speed: Tips for Optimal Performance

What are the benefits of high-speed internet?

Waiting to load pages is an annoyance while working online. So, from enhancing informal internet browsing to faster video streaming, the advantages of having the fastest internet are worth the investment.

Fast internet is a huge plus if you work from home and spend more time in Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings. You are less likely to have an inconvenience in meetings. Did you ever experience a meeting when the video lags, but you still hear the audio from the call? It’s usually due to a sluggish internet connection.

If you have multiple people or devices using your internet, choosing the best high-speed internet plans is a good idea.

List of advantages to investing in a high-speed internet

It’s time to step up your online connectivity with high-speed internet plans. Let’s find out some reasons why you should consider such plans.

Less cut and load times: If you have high-speed internet, your sites will load faster than an average speed and in less time. A high-speed connection refreshes your social media feed, loads pages faster, and reduces video buffering times.

Work from home becomes easier: To work from home, you must attend many meetings, which requires high-speed internet. You will need at least 5 Mbps or higher to use these devices to ensure it loads properly. Further, it will help you run multiple devices in a home simultaneously.

Crack high-speed content: If you want to stream Ultra HD and 4K video or live stream, you will require high download and upload speeds. So, getting high-quality streaming with the fastest internet plan is a worthwhile investment.

Credible for multiple users & devices: High-speed internet is more than just fast speed only for working people at home. It is about speed when you multitask, loading webpages at home, and even when kids are watching online videos or learning from home. Faster speeds help people work on the same network to stream video, browse apps, play online games, and more without buffering or drops in connection.

Reliable in peak hours: High speed means consistent connection, fewer voice drops, and video calls while remote working and distance learning.

Plans from Brilliant Minds

Being a cosmopolitan city, Toronto’s market is jam-packed with many internet service providers. All of them welcome customers with different high-speed internet plans. Usually, the higher the speed, the more expensive the plan, but our rates are affordable.

In today’s era, almost every provider claims to offer the fastest internet in the world, with terms like gigabit and “high speed” thrown around at will. 

Fortunately, being the best internet provider in Canada, we focused on four categories: affordability, performance, value, and customer satisfaction.

Have a quick & hassle-free Wi-Fi Installation and be connected in no time!

Here are the most reliable and affordable high-speed internet plans to check.

Home Internet Plans

Standard plan: The plan offers 500 Mbps, free installation, modem, no activation charge, and 24*7 support. It costs $49.99 per month.

Entertainment plan: 1.5gbps, same as above services. The plan comes with $59.99 per month.

Infinity plan: This plan offers 2.5gbps with the same services and costs nearly $65 per month.

Business Plans

Business Internet 1 Gig (1 Gbps): The plan offers free installation, zero activation charges, and 24*7 support. It comes to around $89.99 (3 years, $200 credits).

Business Internet 750U (750 Mbps): The plan offers the same features for $79.99 (3 years, $200 credits).

Business bundle 1 Gbps: This plan also has the same offerings for $89 (3 years, $200 credits).


Don’t think more about upgrading your home or office with a faster and more reliable internet connection. Contact us today and bring your digital experience to the next level.

We have many high-speed internet plan options in Toronto, perfect for working from home, online classes, streaming, and staying connected with loved ones. So, say goodbye to buffering and welcome to a seamless digital experience.

Enjoy the best internet plans in Toronto  , where high speed meets low cost!