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5 Tips to Increase the Internet Speed of your Device 

by | May 24, 2023 | 5G Internet | 0 comments

There are instances when your internet connections are too slow and cause a lag in your work. This includes whether you are working from home, playing an online game or binge-watching your favorite TV shows. Your internet connection could be slow for a variety of reasons, and it’s not always simple to speed it up on your PC or laptop. However, there are still a lot of options for improving your connection speed. This post will give you some techniques for boosting internet speed for blazing-fast downloads and buffer-free streaming.

Change the place of your router:

Your router may be kept in a closet or a space which is heavily furnished. This might weaken the wi-fi signal despite high speed internet plans. In fact, walls and furniture dampen the speed of your internet connection. Moreover, the distance of the router from your device also impacts the speed of the internet. The ideal location will depend on your house, but try not to put your router away in a closet, a drawer, or a corner; the more visible and central it is, the better. 

Check your data caps:

One of the main causes of painfully slow internet speed on some days may be because of the data caps. This is because many ISPs promote themselves as best home wifi but don’t disclose their bandwidth limitations, although they can drastically disrupt your connection.

You have a monthly data use cap that might be anywhere from a few hundred megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes. Your ISP will significantly slow down your internet if you exceed your data cap. 

If you are unsure, check your bill to determine if you are subject to a data cap. Most likely your internet provider does provide you with a data cap, and the details will be provided in the small print which you might have missed out. Talk to your provider about an internet package with a greater data capacity if you consistently go over your monthly data limit.

If you find the data to be slow due to lower data caps then you can switch to a different ISP which can provide you with the best home broadband deals.

Improve your security to stop bandwidth hogs:

More people using the internet means more bandwidth is consumed, which slows down your connection. Your Wi-Fi network will be vulnerable to unauthorized access if you don’t install protection. Because of this, we suggest that all homeowners use a strong password and WPA2 security to protect access to their routers.

If your home is automated, protecting your Wi-Fi network from intruders is even more crucial. Every device which is connected to your device requires a bandwidth, therefore if you have more external devices on your network, means that there is a less probability for your automated home devices to have access to the bandwidth they require. In addition, not protecting your network could give outsiders too much power over your air conditioner, coffee machine, or automated security system.

Modify the Band or Channel:

Channels are used to divide the Wi-Fi signal. However, if your internet router has antennae, you may use them to direct the signal so that it will continue to be powerful even as it passes right through walls. Everything can rapidly become crowded if your close neighbours are also utilising routers that are on the same Wi-Fi channel. Thus, you can resolve this issue by using a different wifi channel.

Buy a wi-fi extender:

Invest in a Wi-Fi extension or repeater if dealing with your router’s settings seems too difficult and you have additional money to spend. These gadgets attach to the wireless internet being transmitted by your router and extend it by plugging into a nearby wall socket.

They can instantly eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones in your home, provide the high speed home wifi and are simple to set up and use. Again, location is crucial because the wireless signals that are repeated or extended won’t be as powerful as those that come directly from your router. Try to link devices that don’t require a lot of bandwidth with these devices to enjoy high speed home wifi.

Remove unused devices:

When many devices are connected to the Wi-Fi, then it can cause issues. Thus, for the fastest home internet, you need to understand what you can connect to Ethernet, and what you don’t need to link. Thus, ensure that unnecessary devices do not have access to the internet.

Change the direction of routers’ antenna:

The Wi-Fi signals are spread out best when they are perpendicular to your router, but they weaken when they pass through walls at an angle. However, there are a few wi-fi routers which do not include antennas, for example modem and router gateway. 

But, if your wifi has an antenna then in order Increase your Wi-Fi signal you can point one antenna vertically so that Wi-Fi signals pass through walls directly from side to side. Wi-Fi signals move directly up and down through the ceiling to other floors by angling the other antenna horizontally.

If after trying everything you still have problems, you may always contact your internet service provider. They might decide to send a service professional. They might be able to identify a problem that has gone unnoticed and is preventing you from getting a fast Wi-Fi signal. Thus, if none of the remaining suggestions help, it’s time to contact your provider for assistance so that they can resolve the issue and give you and your family an experience of the fastest internet in Canada.